Help me to help you! Let me know what your biggest challenges are!

Documenting Your Stories
& Your Beautiful World

Motivating keynotes, corporate branding or personal stories told from  anywhere in the world!

About Cirina

What do I do to help you and why?

We are surrounded by natural beauty and interesting people. 

Cameras (still or video) document your world 

and focus on the magic of your daily life or special event. 

My pictures help you tell your stories. 

Together we can make magic!

And if you need a keynote for your cause, I'll be there for you. 

Contact me and we'll figure out I can help you realize your goals, your potential - your dreams. 

Thank you!

Photography as Communication

Documenting the world around me with pictures and video has taken me to many countries and introduced me to amazing people. I work with your brand to get your message to your audience.

Helping others is my life's mission. 

If you have a story to tell, whether it is a corporate assignment or via a portrait, a special event, or you just want to create a lasting legacy for generations to come, please contact me. I would love to help you! 

Sharing Stories, Love, Friendship

How can you share your stories, now and in the future for your friends and family?  Through professional still photography and video! 

Let us document and celebrate YOU so you can bring your stories to life, so you can reach your true potential, so you can be the amazing person you already are!

What an incredible gift we can give to each other!

Reviews! Yes! Thanks, everyone. :) You inspire me everyday!

What are people saying about Cirina?

(SM, YouTube) Great job, Cirina. I found this very encouraging.  Thank you for sharing your father's story as well.  My father was also a WWII vet, and I share the same regrets about never interviewing him about his experiences and lessons.  It's a great reminder to get out there and continue to tell the stories that matter.

(Twitter, LumaForge) Ever feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or creatively stuck? The incomparable @Cirina shares how to face creative landmines and survive. #postchat #filmmaking #motivation #fastertogether 

(MM, WhatsApp, Greece) GREAT!! How about a TED talk? You're so inspirational! I still have your domino piece which you handed out at LACPUG.

(GT, WhatsApp, Berlin) !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!

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